Internship in Art Therapy (150 hrs completed) (958)


Course Memo

The Internship in art therapy provides an opportunity for students to learn about typical problems brought to a professional art therapist and to apply clinical approaches that can be used in addressing those problems. Students will continue to build their art therapy skills through coursework, field experience, discussion of the field experience and by practical art therapy application. Students will deepen their proficiency in art therapy ethics, evidence-based professional practice in art therapy, and art therapy cross-cultural applications. The students will present information on diagnostics, etiology, treatment planning and prevention of mental and emotional disorders and dysfunctional behavior through case presentation format including client artwork. All students are required to complete 6 total credits of field experience. There are 700 minimum hours of field experience required and of those 700, 350 are direct Art Therapy experience hours. Student may take more terms of 958 to complete the hours and the competencies required for the art therapy field experience. 10/20