AT Studio: Navigating the Professional AT Landscape -IS (557.13IS)


Prerequisite Courses

Course Memo

A focus of this course will be to strengthen professional authenticity through connection to intuitive intelligence and engagement with the process painting experience.  The class will integrate all levels of the brain and art making referenced in the ETC through experiential learning and body-based experiences (e.g., meditation, process painting, visualization, and creative writing.) Adlerian concepts (e.g., mistaken goals and beliefs and accessing creative power), will be integrated as students explore their internal and external landscapes. Students will break down practical steps to move toward their unique identity as an art therapist as well as look at challenges they are facing.  The class will connect students to their creative process and personal preference for the use of art in a professional art therapy realm will also be explored (e.g., "art as therapy", "open studio", or "art psychotherapy"). The student's key assignment during the course will result in strengthened confidence, focus, energy, and sustainability in their professional life.