Behavioral Neuroscience (534)


Course Memo

This course is an overview of behavioral neuroscience, including the biological, neurological, psychological, physiological, and social effects of psychoactive substances and addictive disorders on the user and their families; with special attention to the Adlerian perspective and multicultural counseling considerations. Students will study the mechanisms of action of pharmaceutical and illicit substances on the brain and body, as well as their influence on emotional and behavioral characteristics of addiction and other mental health conditions. Students will examine and learn to assess symptoms of psychoactive substance toxicity, intoxication, withdrawal, detoxification, and drug interaction. Students will review the basic classification, indications, contraindications, and side effects of illicit substances and commonly prescribed medications, for appropriate consultation and referral. Students will also examine the potential for substance use disorders and addictive behaviors to mimic/ and or co-occur with a variety of neurological, medical, or psychological conditions.